Advertising on Introducing CPM Bidding & Auctions For All

Advertising on Introducing CPM Bidding & Auctions For All

We are excited to announce two new updates for our loyal customers who have been advertising on!

  1. Starting Tuesday, January 11th, CPM bidding will be rolled out to 100% of available tags.
  2. Anyone who wants to advertise on can now instantly access Auctions. To learn more about Auctions, our advertising system, checkout our support article.

CPM Bidding

We’re excited to share that auctions are now more accessible - allowing multiple creators and businesses to have a chance at advertising their projects on desired tags. CPM bidding, a feature we have been testing since May 2021, will now be rolled out to all auctions.

Our previous Auctions bidding system, where users bid for a specific advertisement slot with a flat amount for that week’s impressions, had a few pain-points the new CPM bidding system solves.

Auctions customers can now bid on tags per thousand impressions (CPM), allowing for multiple ads to be displayed for a particular tag throughout the week; instead of only two. This empowers creators and businesses of all sizes to set their own budget and amount per thousand impressions they are willing to spend. In addition, this allows for your ad to show up on multiple tags throughout the week without breaking the bank.

The new CPM bidding system also removes the ambiguity for the number of impressions that will be received for a winning bid. Advertisers now have control over how many impressions they will receive, by providing both a budget and amount per 1k impressions they are willing to spend.

Advertising on is a great way to instantly boost your bot or community’s discovery to millions of users.  

​​"I honestly thought I was taking a really big risk when I first started bidding on, but I’ve almost got 100 people on my server now! I’m super excited that this is a legit way to advertise, so thanks staff!" -Gart

To learn more about CPM auctions and how they work, checkout our support article.

Auctions For All

Farewell approval waiting time! creators can now instantly gain access to Auctions by visiting the Advertise page. To learn more about how you can increase your bidding power, checkout our support article.