Top 5 Tips to Organically Grow Your Discord Bot

Top 5 Tips to Organically Grow Your Discord Bot

We’ve spoken to large bot developers within our community and gathered a list of the top 5 tips to help you organically grow your Discord bot!

Make your bot stand out from the rest

1. Make your bot stand out from the rest 🔎

There are loads of bots out there that are “multifunctional”, but finding the one thing that will make your bot unique is partly what’s going to help your bot grow.

Some good examples of this are Hydra, Ticket Tool, and PixxieBot. They’ve each found their way in the vast land of Discord bots by respectively focusing on music, ticketing, and social interaction.

Keep your branding consistent

2. Keep your branding consistent 🌊

The branding of your bot is part of what kind of users you attract to your bot and can also be what makes your bot unique.

Everything associated with your bot should have consistent branding - this means your bot, website, support server, and even the messages that your bot sends should be in line with your choice of branding.

If your bot has a certain art style to it, make sure it transfers across. Mimu is a great example of this - it focuses on a super cute aesthetic, setting it apart from other economy bots.

Don't be afraid of learning new tech and innovate

3. Don’t be afraid of learning new tech and innovate 🤖

Discord has recently been pushing for the use of slash commands and interactions. As your bot scales, you should try to incorporate these into your bot.

The API changes that Discord are making will open up for more opportunities for bot developers and can help make bots more powerful. Trying out new tech and innovating for your bot can also help it have that advantage over similar bots.

Maintain communication with your community about your bot

4. Maintain communication with your community about your bot 🗣️

With the previous tip being said, you don’t necessarily have to implement things that won’t benefit your bot in the long term. This is where keeping in touch with your bot’s users - your community - comes in clutch.

You should be maintaining communication about your bot with your community, and consider the feedback and discussions that your community has about your bot. Seeing as they’re the ones who get to experience the final product and experiment with it, they have valuable insight that you might’ve missed.

Get your bot’s name out there

5. Get your bot’s name out there 🤩

To grow your bot, people need to know about it. The top advice that our bot developers have given is to give a try. Despite listing their bot on other bot lists, PixxieBot’s developer has found that 90% of their bot invites come from

Submitting your bot to is free and will help your bot gain visibility. To make the most of and climb the lists, you should focus on the voting feature on More votes = listing higher in search results. To help drive your community to vote for your bot, you could make features that reward users for voting. Some bot developers even lock a few bot commands behind a voting wall.

Bot Developers can also participate in our Auctions. This is where you can bid on a promoted slot on our website - for more information, check out our support article.

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